Finland-based Nigerian-born Afro-pop sensation Clemso, who recently released his debut music video for his single "Thief" will be contending for the number one spot at this year's Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016 or simply UMK16, the Finnish National qualifiers for Eurovision song contest. The winner of UMK16 will represent Finland at Eurovision this year. Eurovision is the longest-running annual TV song competition held among European countries.

"Thief" is a song about emotional expression of  love and pain as can be seen in the musical video of a man whose heart was "stolen" despite his re-echoing love for his partner. Sang partly in English, Pidgin English and his native language Yoruba, the song fuses Afrobeat and modern pop, bringing in a fresh and unique tune into mainstream music thereby setting itself apart from the other 17 contestants. It was rated among the top 6 songs of the recently concluded UMK16 preview marathon with over 30,000 views on youtube.

Free pre-voting for the Finnish national qualifiers, UMK16, kicked off as early as 30.01.2016. To pre-vote, you will need to create an account at  Clemso will be performing in the 1st semi-final on Saturday 06.02.2016 which starts at 9pm Finnish time at Yle studios, Pasila. The performance will be aired live on Finnish National TV station, Yle. 

You can find Clemso on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @clemsoofficial.


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