Finally, the moment came. Was I nervous? Yes. I was a little nervous before going up on stage, although I tried to mange it in such a way that its not so obvious to the people around ME. (except you are among a very few who know and can tell when I'm nervous). But by the time I stepped on that stage, all nervousness disappeared. I was home. 

What Informed my choice of song? My choice of song was inspired by the oneness that music creates among people of different race, religion and political affiliations. Today the world is is full of tribal conflict, religious and political war. There is no better time to preach peace than now. And music is one way to propagate peace and bring people together in unity and love.

Was I observing to the the judges while singing, in hope that they will turn their chairs? NO! I thought keeping a tab on the judges would mean distraction for ME. so I simply sang to the lovely audience like I would in any of my gigs. Whatever happened was to be known later. 

Did I have a choice coach before the blind auditions? Yes. I ran a background check on all the coaches before the blind auditions so that I can make an informed decision on which coach to pick if I make it through the blinds . So I had a fair idea of who they are, their style of music, personality, and how they had related with their trainees in previous seasons.

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Photo credit: Saku Tiainen